Alsea is largely a water planet, with just two continents: Argolis and Pallea.



The Wandering King discovered a grand valley on Argolis, a green and fertile land surrounded on all sides by impassable mountains and drained by two great rivers. His first view coincided with a total eclipse of the sun, and thus he named it Blacksun Basin. Shortly afterward, he founded the city that was to become Alsea’s capital, strategically siting it at the junction of the two rivers and calling it Blacksun.

In the violent days before the seven kingdoms were united, Blacksun stood impervious to every attempt at invasion. Only once did it fall to an attack; the story of that epic battle is known to every Alsean from childhood.

Other cities of note in Argolis include Koneza, home of the High Security Detention Facility (known as the Pit) for empathic criminals; Port Calerna, a bustling port that handles most of the commerce and shipping between the two continents; and Napoline, the jump-off point for ferry traffic and short transport hops to Whitemoon.


Whitesun is the largest city on Pallea and handles the bulk of the continent’s shipping. Founded by a queen who hated Blacksun’s ruling family, its name reflects her desire to make the city different and better in every way. To this day, the two cities are rivals, with Whitesun residents scoffing at Blacksun’s landlocked location and soft citizens. Whitesun is known for the furious winter storms that sweep off Wildwind Bay, blowing rain sideways and trapping its fishing fleet for days on end. It is distinctive in housing two military bases, one for the Alsean Defense Force and one for the Mariners.

On the northern edge of Pallea and near the Great Belt (the equatorial region of Alsea), Whitemoon sits on a small, calm bay. Its temple is widely acknowledged as the most beautiful on Alsea, and its Temple Singers compete with Blacksun’s Voices of the Deep for the title of best choir. Whitemoon is also the home of the Whitemoon Sensoral Institute, Alsea’s premiere training facility for gifted high empaths.

Redmoon, set slightly inland from the mouth of the Telano River, is the center of Pallean manufacturing, home to the best trauma healing center on the continent, and famed for its high tech research. Each morning, its colorful river fishing boats dart between lumbering cargo ships, and each night, they return to their moorings to rest.

Last Port is the final port city of any size before launching into Alsea’s unending ocean. It is home to a Mariners base, a thriving fishing industry, and a community of artists and wanderers who are drawn there by the city’s end-of-the-world location and mystique.