Written as a point of entry into the series, Outcaste is partly a coming-of-age story and partly a story of redemption, wrapped up with action, adventure, philosophy, and a deep dive into Alsean culture.

Rahel Sayana is desperate to escape the life her parents have planned for her. She runs away to the dangerous port city of Whitesun and becomes an outcaste: a person of no caste and few rights.

From backbreaking labor on the docks to fighting off bullies, Rahel learns the lessons that propel her to the life of her dreams. Happiness does not last. A planetary threat pulls her into the biggest battle in Alsean history, then into a treacherous game of power.

The loss of both her honor and caste sends her reeling, but Rahel has always made her own fate. She gambles everything on one final chance.

Will giving up her hopes lead to the highest honor of all?


“Rahel is a brilliant lead character. Fletcher DeLancey does her usual amazing job of building a character from the inside-out… The world-building and descriptive scene building in this series is outstanding, some of the best there is, the people, places and deep emotional sense of continuity shows the hand of a truly great fantasy writer. You simply get lost in the alternate reality and forget it’s a story; it just feels so real.” — Lesbian Reading Room

“I think this book is somehow triggering. That kind of book you love or you hate, but doesn't leave you indifferent. It's because it is a story of a woman with her flaws and weakness, so human and committing serious errors… For me, this humanity is what makes this book so special. Heroism here is about getting up again. Rising from darkness, stumbling and feeling insecure, and yet finding inside the strength to make it. Isn't it what life is all about for each one of us?” — Amazon reviewer

Outcaste is a superb work of science fiction that shouldn’t be missed, even for readers who don’t consider themselves fans of the genre. For readers unfamiliar with Fletcher DeLancey, this is a solid place to start, and a perfect introduction to the whole Chronicles of Alsea series.” — Lambda Literary