Far Enough

Far Enough

This novella takes place between Books 8 and 9 (Uprising and Alsea Rising: Gathering Storm) in the Chronicles of Alsea.

Immediately after the uprising, Lhyn Rivers is called to account for her involvement in an event that shocked the world. Disturbed by her interview and missing her bondmate, she finds refuge at Hol-Opah.

Salomen Opah is at loose ends, trapped on her holding with nothing to do and no distractions from unwanted memories. Lhyn's arrival is a welcome excuse to get out and return to an old, beloved pastime.

For five days, Salomen and Lhyn journey through landscapes both physical and emotional. Their quiet exploration brings more than just the peace they seek: it brings an unlooked-for gift that will change four lives.


“Quiet moments. Seismic shifts. Essential." —  Jill Carroll, Goodreads reviewer
“…fits perfectly between books 8 & 9 and makes the series even richer than before.” — Glee, Amazon reviewer

“The Chronicles of Alsea is a fantastic read without this addition. However, “Far Enough” adds what we didn’t know was missing." — Carrie H., Amazon reviewer
“It's sweet and light and deep and funny and… just read the thingy! For such a short story, there are so many things that vowed me!" — Alealea, Goodreads reviewer