The action is back on Alsea for this epic, cast-of-thousands tale about the battle for caste equality and the consequences of doing the right thing at the wrong time.

A caste Prime with a personal grudge that may bring down the government. A captured soldier seeking peace with his former enemies. A rural landowner thrust into the highest levels of political power.

As Alsea looks to the future, its foundations are cracked by the past. The peaceful coexistence of six castes was shaped by an ancient injustice, but when Bondlancer Salomen Opah commits a well-meaning act, she disrupts the careful balance. Now Alsea teeters on the brink of caste war.

Standing between past and future are three people whose lives have been sent on a collision course by events beyond their control. An avalanche has begun, and only great courage and sacrifice can stop it.


“Uprising is a fantastic novel with an unbelievable amount of depth. The world the author has built is one rich with diverse characters and a complex branching story that is impossible to put down. It is only April but this book is sure to be at the top of my list for 2019.” — Amazon reviewer

“Part character study, part morality play, with action that explodes from the page, Uprising is quite simply phenomenal.” — Amazon reviewer

“Any book that can make me laugh AND cry in the same page is a winner to me.” — Amazon reviewer