Welcome to Alsea

On the richly imagined world of Alsea, the sixth sense of empathy has forged a culture unlike any other. Here, humans are the aliens, handicapped by their blindness to emotions and failing to see that Alseans possess one of the greatest powers in the galaxy.

The Chronicles of Alsea begins with a bang when the Alseans, long convinced they are alone in the universe, watch a giant spaceship crash to the ground worryingly close to their largest city. This pivotal event opens the first book in the series, The Caphenon, and draws a line between past and future in a single moment. With the future comes global peril and unparalleled opportunity, balanced on the edge of a knife.

Take one part science fiction and one part fantasy. Add a heaping tablespoon of psychology. Spice with political thriller and romance. Stir vigorously and pour into a long, satisfying story. Bake until done—and you have the novels of Fletcher DeLancey in the Chronicles of Alsea.