As a service for readers who asked for it, this page includes all of the characters in the series. They are divided into three categories — main, secondary, and bit players — and listed in general order of appearance. Secondary characters are further divided into Alsean military and politicians, Protectorate military and politicians, and Alsean regulars.

Titles in parentheses indicate the book in which the character was introduced.

Main Characters

Andira Shaldone Tal
The only child of Andorin Tal and Realta Shaldone, Andira chose her father’s caste and name, joined the Alsean Defense Force, and swiftly rose through the ranks. At a very young age she was promoted to colonel and given command of Blacksun Base. She ran against Colonel Shantu for Prime Warrior but lost the election, in part due to her youth and her lack of “pure” warrior heritage. Three cycles later, she ran against him again for Lancer and won.

Tal’s place in the history books was assured through her actions in the Battle of Alsea, her diplomatic skills afterward, and her acceptance of a producer’s challenge—all events that changed the course of Alsea’s future. (The Caphenon)

Captain Ekatya Serrado
Orphaned at a very young age and raised by her grandparents, Ekatya grew up in a Protectorate that was constantly at war with the Voloth Empire. She followed her parents into the Protectorate Fleet, attained the rank of captain and commanded one of Fleet’s largest warships, the Pulsar-class Caphenon. She lost her ship at Alsea while defeating a Voloth invasion fleet, and was instrumental in saving the Protectorate from a disastrous shift of power with its enemies. Viewed as a hero by many and a dangerous renegade by others, she was grounded for nearly a year and a half before being given command of the Phoenix, a sister ship to the Caphenon(The Caphenon)

Dr. Lhyn Rivers
Lhyn was one of eight children raised on a recently terraformed planet, Allendohan, and the only one to leave it. With her extraordinary gift for languages (speaking thirty-eight fluently and fifteen more quite well) and for recognizing patterns, she became one of the Protectorate’s leading anthropologists. Her specialty was studying newly discovered cultures considered too undeveloped to join the Protectorate, but she fell in love with the Alsean culture and made its study her life’s work, a choice that led to significant political repercussions in the Protectorate Assembly. (The Caphenon)

Salomen Arrin Opah
Despite not being the eldest child, Salomen was made head of the family and of Hol-Opah upon the death of her mother, Nashta Opah. Her father and older brother are quieter souls and uninterested in caste house politics, but Salomen’s fiery temperament and fierce loyalty to family and land made her the obvious choice to lead and protect both. These same qualities landed her in trouble when she formally challenged Lancer Tal during an argument. Her challenge led indirectly to an upheaval in Alsean politics and an even larger upheaval in her own life. Later, Salomen would assure her place in history through her refusal to accept injustice and willingness to fight for change. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)

Colonel Corozen Micah
Chief Guardian for the Lancer, one of the highest and most respected titles for a warrior—but one he values less than that of lifelong friend, mentor, and trusted advisor to Andira Tal. Micah is a low empath, rare for someone in his position, but what he lacks in empathic strength he makes up for with an uncanny skill at reading facial and body language. (The Caphenon)

Lanaril Satran
Lead Templar of Blacksun Temple, running Alsea’s largest temple complex with its hundreds of templars and support staff. Lanaril is known throughout Alsea for her scholarship of Fahla’s teachings and her deep compassion. She is not overly skilled at politics but frequently finds herself in the middle of it due to her position and her friendship with Andira Tal. Despite her title, she still makes temple rounds every day and finds the time to counsel those in need, a calling she considers higher than any other. (The Caphenon)

Fianna Vellmar
A young, accomplished warrior on the fast track who lucks into a position as Lead Guard of the Lancer’s Guard unit. She first meets Lancer Tal while stationed at the Pit in Koneza, then transfers to Blacksun, where she is quickly swept into the highest levels of politics and intrigue. Known as Vellmar the Blade for her medal-winning performance in the Global Games. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)

Rahel Sayana
Daughter of a crafter and a merchant, Rahel ran away from home at the age of fifteen to follow her dream of becoming a warrior. She lived as an outcaste for much of the time between fifteen and seventeen, finally inscribing with the warrior caste shortly after her seventeenth birth anniversary. Her career was an unusual one, spent largely undercover while working for a single oath holder and rising to the rank of First Guard. She served with distinction in the Battle of Alsea but later fell from grace, and was saved by circumstance, the compassion of strangers, and her own unbreakable sense of honor. (Outcaste)

Secondary Characters

Alsean military and politicians


Sunsa Aldirk
Chief Counselor for Lancer Tal. Fussy and a terrible snob, but extremely good at his job. (The Caphenon)


With the exception of Lancer Tal, the most powerful warrior on Alsea. Shantu made his reputation while commanding Whitesun Base, then ran against Colonel Andira Tal for Prime Warrior and won. Three cycles later, he engineered a caste coup and toppled Lancer Tordax, only to lose the newly available position to Tal. Served with great distinction as Commander of the Pallea Forces in the Battle of Alsea and credited with saving thousands of lives. A true believer in the superiority of the warrior caste. (The Caphenon)


The Prime Merchant. He is brilliant at business and political strategies, and in a powerful rivalry with Shantu, the Prime Warrior. (The Caphenon)


The Prime Scholar. Like Shantu, Yaserka is a true believer in the superiority of his caste, but has nowhere near Shantu’s presence or power. (The Caphenon)


Anjuli Eroles
The Prime Builder. Known for her colorful sense of style and her refusal to be intimidated by anyone. (The Caphenon)


The Prime Producer. Speaks plainly and bluntly, and always wears a token of producer green. (The Caphenon)


The Prime Crafter. Not a party to the usual political struggles, she is soft-spoken and seldom speaks at the High Council meetings—but when she does, the others listen. (The Caphenon)


A Councilor in the warrior caste, later wins the election to Prime Warrior. (Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge)


Colonel Razine
Head of the Alsean Investigative Force. (The Caphenon)


Lead Guard for the Lancer’s Guard unit, later promoted to Head Guardian overseeing both the Lancer’s and Bondlancer’s Guard units while reporting to Chief Guardian Micah. (The Caphenon)


Medic for the Lancer’s Guard unit. (The Caphenon)


The largest Guard in the Lancer’s Guard unit and their best at hand-to-hand combat. Forms a friendship with Lead Guard Vellmar and asks her to teach him knife fighting. (The Caphenon)


Lead Guard Tesseron
The pilot chosen to accompany Lieutenant Candini in the fight against the first ground pounder. Fights with distinction in the Battle of Alsea. Later promoted to First Pilot and put in charge of the converted Protectorate fighters. (The Caphenon)


Lead Guard for Bondlancer Opah. He is unflappable and devoted to his oath holder, a taciturn warrior who—when he chooses to speak—shows a level of philosophical thinking surprising to those who don’t know him. (Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge)


Communications Advisor for Lancer Tal. (Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge)


Linzine Vellmar
Birthmother to Fianna Vellmar, First Guard, and a champion blade-handler who teaches her daughter all she knows. (Vellmar the Blade)


Khasa Londin
Bondmother to Fianna Vellmar and birthmother to Fianna’s brother Jerran. Though not as athletic as her bondmate, she is an accomplished warrior who teaches her children how to use all of their senses. (Vellmar the Blade)


Jerran Londin
Brother to Fianna Vellmar, who breaks with family tradition by joining the Mariners instead of the Alsean Defense Force. (Vellmar the Blade)


Protectorate military and politicians


Lieutenant Telorana Candini
Primary pilot for the Caphenon and a top-notch fighter pilot as well, who lives up to the stereotype of going wild while on leave. Credited with keeping the Caphenon intact during its crash landing and later takes part in the Battle of Alsea. (The Caphenon)


Commander Beldessar
Executive officer of the Caphenon and one of the crew who rode the ship to the ground. A very by-the-book officer. (The Caphenon)


Warrant Officer Roris
Team leader for the best weapons team on the Caphenon. Her team is the one that managed the almost impossible double-tap shot that took down a Voloth orbital invader. (The Caphenon)


Commander Kameha
Chief engineer for the Caphenon, later becomes Chief of Advanced Technology on Alsea. (The Caphenon)


Admiral Tsao
Commanding officer of Captain Ekatya Serrado. A no-nonsense veteran of the Voloth wars who shields Ekatya as much as she can against the political fallout of her ship loss. (The Caphenon)


Dr. Alejandra Wells
Chief Surgeon of the Phoenix. Dr. Wells is territorial about her medbay and inflexible regarding the health of her patients. Though her expertise is in genetics and she is excellent at finding antidotes, she has also seen the aftermath of enough battles to grow a hard shell and a triage-oriented approach to decisions. (Catalyst)


Director of Protectorate Security and one of the most powerful players in the Protectorate government. A ruthless man who sees people as game pieces. (Catalyst)


Ensign Bellows
Assistant to Captain Ekatya Serrado during her tour of duty in Gov Dome. Upon acquiring a new ship, she takes him with her. (Catalyst)


Commander Lokomorra
Executive officer of the Phoenix, chosen by Captain Ekatya Serrado despite his relaxed attitude on the bridge. (Catalyst)


Kane Muir
A freelance “fixer” who gets results for his customers via psychological and physical torture. (Catalyst)


Alsean regulars


Kylinn Tousander
High empath scholar and Head Librarian at West Quarter Academy in Whitemoon. She fights in the Battle of Alsea and later meets Lancer Tal at the grand re-opening of the Whitesun builder caste house. (The Caphenon)


Darzen Fosta
An economist based in Whitesun, courted by Andira Tal (in disguise) while both were vacationing. (Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge)


Rax Sestak
Spokesperson for the Voloth settlers. (Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge)


Shikal Arrin
Father of Salomen and Jaros Opah, birthfather of Nikin and Herot Opah. A gentle man doing his best for his children after the recent loss of his bondmate. (Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge)


Nikin Opah
Older brother of Salomen Opah, who inherited his father’s calm traits and wants nothing to do with the responsibility of speaking for Hol-Opah in the caste house. (Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge)


Herot Opah
Younger brother of Salomen Opah, troubled and acting out after the death of his mother. (Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge)


Jaros Opah
Youngest brother of Salomen Opah, rare among Alseans for being an unplanned conception. Having lost his mother at a young age, he views Salomen partly as a much older sister and partly as a mother. At his first appearance, he is nine. (Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge)


Nashta Opah
Mother (and birthmother) of Salomen and Jaros Opah, now deceased. She passed her temper and sense of justice to her daughter, and her fearlessness to both daughter and son. With Shikal, she exemplified a lifelong, loving bond for all of her children and remains present in their lives despite her Return. (Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge)


Warrior and birthfather of Milena and Harren, who tells the story of Vellmar the Blade to his children at bedtime. (Vellmar the Blade)


Daughter of Jandahar, a child of nine and a budding warrior who dreams of growing up to be like Vellmar. (Vellmar the Blade)


Son of Jandahar and younger brother to Milena who likes to hear stories about Trevan the Treecat. (Vellmar the Blade)


A young outcaste with a disorder that stunted his growth and left him with only two forehead ridges. Mouse befriends Rahel Sayana and teaches her how to survive as an outcaste in the harsh environment of Whitesun’s docks. (Outcaste)


A comfort giver who works in the most luxurious pleasure house in Whitesun. She trains Rahel Sayana in priming, teaches her philosophy, and becomes a lifelong friend. (Outcaste)


Ravenel Sayana
Mother of Rahel Sayana and a renowned crafter of metal sculptures. (Outcaste)


An older warrior who runs the Moonbird Training House in Whitesun, teaching young warriors the skills and obligations of their caste. He is an expert with the stave and becomes a mentor to Rahel Sayana. (Outcaste)


Deme Isanelle
Head Librarian for the Whitesun Library who sees the promise in Rahel Sayana and becomes both her scholarly mentor and one of her protectors. (Outcaste)


A entrepreneurial son of two warriors who wants to be a merchant, and proves himself with a food cart on Whitesun’s Dock Thirty-One. He successfully challenges into the merchant caste and is a good friend to both Mouse and Rahel Sayana. (Outcaste)

Bit Players

Bilsong Lokon
Young astrophysicist at the Whitemoon Astrophysics Laboratory. First to discover the Caphenon(The Caphenon)


Healer Wellernal
Head Healer at Blacksun Healing Center. He is Captain Serrado’s first experience with Alsean medtech and empathic healing. (The Caphenon)


Healer Graystone
Second-in-command at Blacksun Healing Center. (The Caphenon)


Player of the long bells in the Blacksun Symphony. Also bondmate to Healer Wellernal. (The Caphenon)


Kyrie Razinfin
Alsea’s most famous singer, considered the best voice in two generations. (The Caphenon)


Helder and Yarnolio
Weapons officer and pilot sent to search for a missing transport after the crash of the Caphenon(The Caphenon)


Lead Guard coordinating flight assignments at Whitesun Base after the crash of the Caphenon(The Caphenon)


Aldebron Fisk and Jamesan
Bondmates living on the bank of the river traversed by the first ground pounder. They have two children, Rorin and Abbison(The Caphenon)


The first Alsean pilot to engage a ground pounder. (The Caphenon)


Cargo pilot flying escort for Guard Modro in the first engagement with a ground pounder. She escapes the destruction of her transport and rescues Modro. (The Caphenon)


Trooper Torado
Weapons specialist on the Caphenon(The Caphenon)


Trooper Ennserhofen
Weapons specialist on the Caphenon(The Caphenon)


Trooper Blunt
Weapons specialist on the Caphenon(The Caphenon)


Captain Habersaat
Captain of the Arkadia, the expedition ship housing Dr. Lhyn Rivers and her research team. (The Caphenon)


Colonel DeBrett
Commander of Whitesun Base (after Shantu). (The Caphenon)


Colonel Alportel
Commander of Blacksun Base (after Tal). (The Caphenon)


Colonel Spalldon
Commander of Redmoon Base. (The Caphenon)


Lancer Tal’s pilot, holding the rank of First Pilot. Fights with great distinction in the Battle of Alsea. (The Caphenon)


Lancer’s Guard and the best sniper in the unit. (The Caphenon)


Lancer’s Guard, previously a firefighter. (The Caphenon)


Lieutenant Hmongyon
Engineer on the Caphenon(The Caphenon)


Trooper Xi
Engineer on the Caphenon(The Caphenon)


Trooper Mauji Mauji
Engineer on the Caphenon(The Caphenon)


Trooper Shelley
Engineer on the Caphenon. Survived the crash but died from blood loss in the healing center. (The Caphenon)


Ensign O’Sullivan
Engineer on the Caphenon. Died on impact. (The Caphenon)


Trooper Cuthbroad
Engineer on the Caphenon. Died on impact. (The Caphenon)


Lead Guard Helmor
A warrior from Whitemoon Base who leads the unit with Kylinn Tousander and Rafalon in the Battle of Alsea. (The Caphenon)


High empath scholar who defends Whitemoon in the Battle of Alsea. Shares a unit with Kylinn Tousander and Lead Guard Helmor. (The Caphenon)


High empath scholar who defends Redmoon in the Battle of Alsea. (The Caphenon)


Ambassador Erik Solvassen
Protectorate Ambassador to Alsea, brought in to replace Elin Frank. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


A mid empath healer who must lead a euthanasia unit at Blacksun Base when the decision is made to release the insane Voloth. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Genra Thornlan
First Pilot for Lancer Tal; she replaced Continal after the Battle of Alsea. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Lancer’s Guard, brought in to replace one of those lost during the Battle of Alsea. Similar to Lancer Tal in height and can act as a double when necessary. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Everyone’s favorite cook in the Lancer’s Guard unit. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


The producer whose discomfort with the matter printer delegate meetings results in Salomen Opah substituting for him. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Field worker at Hol-Opah who takes a leadership role when Salomen Opah spends more time in Blacksun. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Owner of Meadowgreen, the finest restaurant in Granelle. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Cullom Bilsner
Spoiled heir to a major holding and friend to Herot Opah. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Gordense Bilsner
Father of Cullom Bilsner and the head of the largest holding in the district near Granelle. Once asked Salomen Opah to bond with him and has always resented her for saying no. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Second bondmate to Gordense (after his rejection by Salomen Opah), originally from a poor family, now a snob. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Nilo Fortneza
The ringleader of the three boys who bullied Jaros Opah. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Silmartin Hantense
One of the three boys who bullied Jaros Opah. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Pendar Fall
One of the three boys who bullied Jaros Opah, and the only one to apologize to Lancer Tal. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Heden Donvall

Smuggler from Whitemoon whose entire ring was swept up and arrested. He is serving time in the Pit and strikes a deal with Lancer Tal. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Colonel Sedron
Director of the High Security Detention Facility (the Pit) in Koneza. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Telmurine Hallwell
A smuggler working for Heden Donvall in Whitemoon. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Falton Mor
A merchant in the Anti-Corruption Task Force. (Without A Front: The Producer's Challenge)


Healer Tornell
Burn specialist at Blacksun Healing Center. (Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge)


Alanor Salir
A warrior sworn to Councilor Ehron. (Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge)


Oren and Dalset
The two survivors of the raid on a hostage situation in central Pallea. (Without A Front: The Warrior's Challenge)


Hedron Periso
A warrior sworn to Prime Warrior Shantu. (Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge)


A Bondlancer’s Guard assigned to Jaros Opah. (Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge)


Councilor Zalringer
A warrior councilor and one of Shantu’s allies. (Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge)


Templar Warnic
A high-level templar who takes over Lead Templar Lanaril Satran’s duties during her absence. (Catalyst)


Commander Jevon Kenji
Chief of data systems on the Phoenix. (Catalyst)


Lieutenant Korelonn
Security officer on the Phoenix and lead security for Captain Serrado during a mission. (Catalyst)


Lieutenant Kitt
Highly skilled data analyst on the Phoenix, chosen by Commander Kenji to accompany Captain Serrado on a mission. (Catalyst)


Lieutenant Gizobasan
An anthropologist on the Phoenix who accompanies Captain Serrado on a mission. (Catalyst)


Part owner and operator of a training house in the village of Brasalara. He is the first to teach a very young Rahel Sayana control, centering, and the dance of combat. (Outcaste)