Without a Front: The Warrior’s Challenge

Without a Front: The Warrior's Challenge

Picking up moments after the end of The Producer’s Challenge, this Golden Crown Literary Society Award winner resolves the intrigues, reveals the plotters, and concludes its arc with a smashing action scene that proves an epic love can change the world.

Lancer Andira Tal made Alsean history when she accepted the producer’s challenge to work a holding as a field laborer. She should have known that the peace of Hol-Opah couldn’t last. Now her hosts are cleaning up blast debris and she’s searching for both a traitor and a missing member of her family. 

Just as she thinks she’s solved one of her problems, Tal falls into a meticulously planned trap that threatens her title, her new family, and her freedom. To top it all, she loses her greatest support right when she needs it most. There’s no possible way out, so she’ll have to do the impossible—and the clock is ticking.


“I got the *stop-reading-rest-your-eyes* warning from my reading app five times. That’s how hard is was for me to put the book down and participate in real life." — C-Spot Reviews

“I would just like to say Fletcher DeLancey really knows how to write. Buckle your seat belt and hang on because you’re in for a wild ride. Whatever she wants you to feel, she is a mastermind at writing it. You’re just going to have to trust her and don’t read ahead!" — The Lesbian Review