Without a Front: The Producer’s Challenge

Without a Front: The Producer's Challenge

The epic tale of Without A Front stretches across two books and two challenges. The Producer’s Challenge is the most romantic book in the series and a Golden Crown Literary Society Award finalist.

When the Voloth invaded Alsea, Lancer Andira Tal thought the hard part would be fighting off a technologically advanced army.

It was not. In the aftermath of war, Alsean society is deeply divided and Tal is facing issues no Lancer has ever dealt with before. How to rebuild, what to do with the Voloth prisoners, when and how to release the new technologies—the pressure is building and Tal is showing cracks, which her enemies are glad to exploit.

The most divisive of the new technologies are the matter printers, desired by some castes and feared by others, especially the producers. When a challenge gives Tal the opportunity to bring the producers to her side, she leaves the capital to work in the fields of Hol-Opah. There she finds an unexpected sanctuary—and the promise of something she has wished for all her life.

But sanctuary and dreams are distractions, and Tal’s inattention may cost her everything.


“DeLancey veers from a straightforward SF adventure of first-contact and galactic political maneuvering to deliver a more lighthearted romance, delighting readers with high-quality writing, confident female leaders, political machinations, and detailed world-building." — Publisher's Weekly

“The phenomenal writing, the captivating characters, and the superb world building make this series and Without A Front one outstanding read for all lovers of sci-fi or fantasy." — Curve Magazine