Alsea Rising: The Seventh Star

Alsea Rising: The Seventh Star

Picking up immediately after the end of part one, The Seventh Star plunges straight into a fast-moving battle and doesn’t stop for breath until the last heroic effort.

The Voloth have arrived.

Their opening gambit upends months of planning. Their second assault leaves Alsea’s defenses scrambling. The third may end it all.

While Captain Serrado and her forces desperately fight to prevent a catastrophe, Lancer Tal activates her secret weapon: the divine tyrees, led by Salomen Opah. But Salomen is no warrior, and a changing battle can unravel even the best of plans.

Divine tyrees have been absent from Alsea for one thousand cycles. Perhaps there is more to their return than science can explain, for when their collective power is wielded by the planet’s strongest empath, the consequences will reach beyond Alsea.

They will reverberate across the galaxy.